Visualizing Racism: Five ways to powerfully visualize systemic racism in the United States

Caption: Screenshot of a map “A Systemic Perspective on Racism in Football: The Experience of the BRISWA Project”
Caption: Screenshot of the Mapping Inequality map of Indianapolis, IN.
  1. University of Richmond’s work in highlighting the practice of redlining
  2. Mapping police violence in the United States
  3. Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City
  4. Urban Wire’s School Segregation Map in the United States
  5. A map by the New York Times visualizing the Equal Justice Initiative’s collection of data on historical lynchings in Southern states
Caption: Screenshot of Adrian Brandon’s tweet.
Caption: Adrian Brandon’s Stolen series.
Caption: Screenshot NPR’s visualization of racial disparity in COVID-19 cases.
Caption: Screenshot of NCRP’s map found here
Caption: Screenshot of Cheska Tanglao’s Instagram found here



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